One way ticket to Hawaii


Two runaway teenage girls, Kit Williams (Joy Harmon) and Brandy Saveties (Adele Claire), buy one-way tickets to Hawaii…

… and 2 weeks after they arrive they meet Lou Talbot. Talbot has found the hideout of two men whom he believes are clerks who have absconded with large sums of money from a Chicago bank, and he convinces Kit and Brandy to come to the beach house where they are hiding. Talbot has promised the thieves that he will bring two girls to them–he hopes to steal the money while the men are distracted. Talbot also promises Chick Lindell some of the money in order to enlist him in the scheme. The four plan to drug the thieves, and they try some knockout pills on Sweeney, a beach bum, before proceeding with their scheme. Once inside the beach house, Kit is nearly raped by one of the men, but she manages to knock him out, put the money in a plastic bag, and drop it out the window to Chick. The bag breaks, and Chick is forced to stuff the money into a trash can. The next day, Talbot and his friends discover that their victims are actually gangsters. They return to try to retrieve the money only to see Sweeney, who has found the loot in the trash, proudly showing it to the police. TCM.



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