Tisha Sterling


Tisha Sterling: Patricia Ann Sterling, 10 December 1944, Los Angeles, daughter of actors Robert Sterling and Ann Southern.

First credit: The Ann Southern Show (TV 1960), on screen until 1999.

Selected credits:
Village of the Giants (1965) Jean
Batman (TV 1966) two episodes as ‘Legs’ with Peter Brooks as ‘Machine Gun’
Get Smart (TV 1967) ‘The Girls from KAOS’ – Miss U.S.A.


Tisha Sterling (Nan) and Collin Wilcox (Diz) in The Name of the Game Is Kill! (1968)

While making his way across the Arizona desert, a transient Hungarian refugee, Symcha Lipa (Jack Lord), accepts a lift from a young woman, Mickey Terry (Susan Strasberg), who drives him to her family’s gas station in a ghost town. He is met by Mickey’s two hostile sisters, the masculine-looking Diz (Collin Wilcox) and the child-like, spider-loving Nan (Tisha Sterling), both of whom make sexual overtures to the visitor.


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