Maury Dexter

Maury Dexter: born 12 June 1928, Paris Arkansas USA. Directing credits include: Surf Party (1964), Wild On The Beach (1965), Maryjane (1968), The Mini-Skirt Mob (1968), The Young Animals (1968), Hell’s Belles (1969).

“From 1960 thru 1965, I produced or produced/directed 19 movies at Lippert/Fox. After shooting several Westerns, action, sci-fi and suspense movies, Lippert decided to get in on the new fad American International was doing – “Beach Party” movies. We did several of them. In one entitled Wild On The Beach, I had the dubious honor of using, in their film debut, Sonny and Cher. When the picture was released, some of the theaters across the country put “Starring Sonny and Cher” on their marquee even though they only did one number in the film.

… A couple of years later, I met with Jim Nicholson of American International Pictures and we made a four-picture deal. I was to have total autonomy, except for final screenplay and they would okay casting. My company would have total control of each product from start thru the final post-production, including delivering an answer print to the studio.

The first show that I did for AIP was Maryjane, a script about teens smoking marijuana. There was nothing salacious or offensive about it, but it did have some provocative scenes that showed the results of overindulging and the risks taken when someone needs “a fix.” The picture starred Fabian and Diane McBain.

The second film for AIP was in 1968, entitled The Young Animals. It starred Tom Nardini and Patty McCormick. We shot the picture in its entirety in Tucson, Arizona. The story centered around a small group of white teenagers determined to rid their school of a newly-transferred student who was Mexican (played by Nardini).

Another film I did for AIP was Hell’s Belles. It was the second so-called “Biker Pic” I did. The first was in 1968 entitled The Mini-Skirt Mob starring Jeremy Slate, Diane McBaine, Patty McCormick, Sherry Jackson, Ross Hagen and Harry Dean Stanton. We had some nice bike action scenes and of all the films I did at AIP, The Mini-Skirt Mob did the most at the box office. I’m still receiving some money after all these years. Hell’s Belles, like The Mini-Skirt Mob was shot entirely on location in and around Tucson, Arizona. Both stories were basically Westerns. We traded the horses for motorcycles.

After Hell’s Belles, in 1969-’70, Nicholson called and said that AIP had signed a producer/director named Larry Buchanan, from Dallas, Texas, to do a film entitled A Bullet For Pretty Boy. It was to be shot entirely in the Dallas area and was to star Fabian, Jocelyn Lane and Adam Roarke. Jim wanted me to go to Dallas and act as Executive Producer, to make sure Larry Brought the film in on schedule and with some amount of quality. Larry delivered a nice film but AIP and I thought it was too slow and talky, after my editor and I came out of a “rough cut.” A few weeks later, I took a small contingency of people from Hollywood and returned to Dallas with stunt doubles and the actors and shot several scenes involving action.”

Highway To Hollywood (memoir), by Maury Dexter

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