Valerie Allen 1936 – 2013

Valerie Allen: born 10 February 1936, New York NY; died 18 June 2013 Woodland Hills CA. Daughter of Ziegfield Follies showgirl Valerie Raemer and talent agent Edgar Allen, on screen from 1957, including I Married a Monster from Outer Space (1958), an episode of 77 Sunset Strip (TV 1959) with Edd Byrnes, before appearing in the bikini spy caper Come Spy With Me (1967) where she met an already alcoholic Troy Donahue. They married in Ireland 21 October 1966, separated in April 1968 and divorced 16 November 1968. She retired from acting in 1967 to become a television executive (Valerie Allen named East Coast program coordinator for SelectaVision, RCA’s color TV playback system. She has been an executive director of Golden Jet Enterprises, associated with Charles K. Feldman Productions and is a former actress (Billboard July 18, 1970).

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