Sue George

Sue George: born Sue Ellen Weber, Los Angeles CA, 15 Apr 1933, on screen 1955 – 1961 three feature film credits: Rock, Pretty Baby (1956), The Dalton Girls (1957) and Gidget (1959).

Sue’s father, Herbert Gibbs Weber (1904 – 1934), died from a heart attack when she was only 17 months old. At the time of his death, was working as a theatrical agent with his father Harry F. Weber (1880 – 1939).

Sue’s mother, Mary Gray Ankrom (1905 – 1959) was a young widow with two children: Harry Arthur Weber (1929 – 1999) and Sue Ellen.

Mary married Hollywood insurance salesman Robert Ellsworth George (1908 – 1967) and had three more children: William (1938 – 2014), Marjorie (born 1939) and Robert Jr (1945 – 1976).

Sue’s father’s sister, Muriel Frances Weber (1908 – 1992) married Welsh-born Holywood actor Ray Milland (1907 – 1986) in 1932. Sue would later appear in an episode of General Electric Theater — ‘Angel of Wrath’ (aired 5 May 1957) directed by her uncle Ray Milland and starring future Republican president Ronald Reagan. In 1958 Sue registered as a Republican voter.

While a student at University of Southern California (USC), Sue met fellow student, WWII veteran and champion basketballer James A. Thobe (“Toby” 1926 – 2013) at a USC football game in 1951. When they married in August 1956, Thobe had started a 35 year career selling insurance. They had their first child, a daughter Mary Patricia, in 1957. After two more children, James C. (born 1960) and Tim (born 1969), they separated in 1970 and Sue Ellen Thobe reverted to Sue Ellen Weber.

Sue George made at least 35 television apperances between 1955 and 1961, during the peak popularity of TV westerns. Select credits:

Cheyenne – ‘The Brand’ (9 Apr 1957) with Edd Byrnes
Climax! — ‘Tunnel of Fear’ (24 Oct 1957) with Dwayne Hickman‘s older brother Darryl
The Thin Man — ‘The Painted Witnesses’ (2 May 1958) directed by William Asher
The Californians — ‘A Girl Named Sam’ (14 Oct 1958) with Troy Donahue
Tenderfoot — ‘The Hunted’ (25 Nov 1958) with Will Hutchins

Final credit: Two Faces West — ‘Music Box’ (17 Jul 1961).

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