Rhonda AKA Animal

Valora Noland — ‘Rhonda’ in Beach Party (1963) and ‘Animal’ in Muscle Beach Party (1964) — in a photo to promote the John Wayne western The War Wagon (1967).

New York Times Movie Review
Published: August 3, 1967

DON’T expect much danger or anything more than fair diversion from the bristling titles of a Universal doubleheader, “The War Wagon” and “The Perils of Pauline,” that arrived at neighborhood theaters yesterday. The first, even with John Wayne and Kirk Douglas at the gun-tootin’ helm, is pretty flabby prairie stuff. The word for “Pauline,” perils included, is anemic.

The Wayne-Douglas Western is not a bad picture, just obvious.

The title refers to a curious contraption, an armor-plated coach, complete with a revolving turret, that the villain, Bruce Cabot, uses to transport his gold. It’s a strange sight, watched by the two mouth-watering stars who, of course, plan to rob it. Will they? One guess.

Say this for Mr. Wayne and Mr. Douglas. They click. Young Robert Walker, Howard Keel, Keenan Wynn and Valora Noland keep the sidelines active until Burt Kennedy, the director, brings on the churning, absurd climax.

“Gosh, where am I?” squeals Pamela Austin, the imperiled heroine of the other picture, with absolute convic–

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