That Funny Feeling (1965)

That Funny Feeling (1965) Sandra Dee, Bobby Darin and Donald O’Connor as Harvey Granson, co-starring Nita Talbot • Larry Storch • Leo G. Carroll.

FOR doodleheaded drivel and inane tedium, “That Funny “Feeling” and “Fluffy” take the cake. This three-hour, Universal package of froth, weighing about a ton, opened yesterday at neighborhood theaters. It is clean and excruciating.

The more painless one, which is not saying much, is “That Certain Feeling.” The theme is a mistaken apartment, squeezed dry for laughs. Miss Dee is as wide-eyed and lippy as ever, and her young actor-husband does his best with the feeble material. The double ray of real sunshine is provided by Donald O’Connor and Nita Talbot.

HOWARD THOMPSON, The New York Times, October 21, 1965.

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