third annual Teen Awards dinner

Cindy Carol (just turned 19), Hal Baylor (almost 45) and Paul Petersen (just turned 18) in a publicity photo for the third annual Teen Awards dinner, November 16, 1963, at the Knollwood Country Club, Granada Hill CA.

TROPHIES FOR TWO — Hal Baylor and Shari Bayne polish up the awards as recipients Cindy Carol and Paul Petersen beam their approval. The Spotlighters will present the trophies to the young stars at the third annual Teen Awards dinner to be held at the Knollwood Country Club at 7 p.m.. ~ The Los Angeles Times November 14, 1963.

Award Dinner Will Honor Young Stars | GRANADA HILLS — Young stars of the entertainment industry will be honored Saturday at the third annual Teen Awards dinner. The Spotlighters, a Valley Youth Foundation auxiliary which is comprised of men and women active in motion picture, television, radio and theater work, is sponsoring the event. Cindy Carol of “Gidget Goes To Rome” and Paul Petersen, of the “Donna Reed” television series are recipients of this year’s awards. Former Winners | Also scheduled to be present are teen stars Johnny Crawford, Tony Dow, Shelley Fabares and Noreen Cordcoran, previous winners. Spike Jones, entertainment personality, will be master of ceremonies. Hal Baylor, Spotlighters’ President, and Mrs. Herbert Schlosberg are taking reservations.


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  1. aitchcs says:

    I saw Cindy’s photos in the North Hollywood HIgh School yearbook. It’s online.

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