Surf, Ski and Bikini Girls

Surf, ski and bikini girl movies from Where The Boys Are (1960) to Hello Down There (1969)

Where The Boys Are (MGM 28-12-1960)

Wild Guitar (Arch Hall Sr. 1-Dec-1962)

Palm Springs Weekend (WB 5-Nov-1963)

Surf Party (20th Century 30-Jan-1964 BW)
For Those Who Think Young (United Artists 3 Jun 1964)
Ride the Wild Surf (Columbia 5-Aug-1964)

A Swingin’ Summer (United Screen Arts 1-Apr-1965)
Daytona Beach Weekend (60th Arts 14-Apr-1965)
The Girls on the Beach (Paramount 12-5-1965)
Wild on the Beach (Lippert/20thC 25-Aug-1965)
Beach Girls and the Monster (1-Sep-1965)
Beach Ball (Paramount 29-Sep-1965)
When the Boys Meet the Girls (Four Leaf/MGM 10-Oct-1965)
Village of the Giants (Embassy 20-Oct-1965)
Winter a Go-Go (Columbia 28-Oct-1965)
Summer Children (29-Oct-1965)
Get Yourself A College Girl (20thC 18-Dec-1965)
Psycho a Go Go (Al Adamson Dec-1965)

Wild Wild Winter (Universal 5-Jan-1966)
The Fat Spy (Phillip 11-May-1966)
Out of Sight (Universal 12-May-1966)
The Last of the Secret Agents? (Paramount 25-May-1966)
Hold On! (Four Leaf/MGM 22-Jun-66)
The Swinger (Paramount 14-Nov-1966)

Come Spy with Me (20thC 18-Jan-1967)
C’mon, Let’s Live a Little (Paramount 3-Mar-1967)
The Cool Ones (Warner Bros 12-Apr-1967)
Catalina Caper (Crown Int Pictures 26-Apr-1967)
Don’t Make Waves (MGM 20-Jun-1967)

The Sweet Ride (20thC 22-May-68)
For Singles Only (Columbia 5-Jun-1968)

Ski Fever (Gaumont 1-Mar-1969)
Hello Down There aka Sub-a-Dub-Dub (Paramount 25-Jun-1969)

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