Beach Ball (1965)

Beach Ball 1965 poster

Beach Ball (Paramount 29-Sep-1965)

Producers: Bart Patton, Gene Corman, Stephanie Rothman
Director: Lennie Weinrib
Writer: David Malcolm (aka Sam Locke)

Girls: Chris Noel (Susan), Gail Gilmore (Deborah), Mikki Jamison (Augusta), Brenda Benet (Samantha), Anna Lavelle (Polly)

Boys: Edd Byrnes (Dick), Aron Kincaid (Jack), Don Edmonds (Bob), Robert Logan (Bango)

Olds: James Wellman (Bernard Wolf), Dick Miller (cop), Jack Bernardi (Mr Wilk)

Music: Four Seasons, Hondells, Supremes, Righteous Brothers, Walker Brothers

Beach Ball 1965 still 06

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