Daytona Beach Weekend (1965)

daytona beach weekend

Daytona Beach Weekend (14 April 1965)
Sixtieth Arts / Dominant Pictures

Guest stars:

Del Shannon
Houston and Dorsey (YouTube)
Rayna (Rana Leggett)
The Offbeats (YouTube)

Daytona Beach Weekend

Daytona Beach Weekend trade advert




4 Responses to Daytona Beach Weekend (1965)

  1. Roger Chuyan says:

    Trying to fiend the movie. My friend was in it, he was one of the surfers in the movie.
    Please let me know how to get this dvd or the actual file. Or give me the website so we could see it.
    Thank you so much.
    Roger Chuyan

    • Hillard Elkins says:

      The movie has not been released in any format for home viewing. Some TV stations may have tape copies for broadcast. I’m sorry I don’t have more information. I get hard-to-find videos from

  2. Roger Chuyan says:

    Where do I go to see this movie. Give me a web site. Thanks Roger

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