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  1. Roger Chuyan says:

    Trying to fiend the movie. My friend was in it, he was one of the surfers in the movie.
    Please let me know how to get this dvd or the actual file. Or give me the website so we could see it.
    Thank you so much.
    Roger Chuyan

    1. Hillard Elkins says:

      The movie has not been released in any format for home viewing. Some TV stations may have tape copies for broadcast. I’m sorry I don’t have more information. I get hard-to-find videos from thevideobeat.com.

      1. Roger Chuyan says:

        Thank you so much for the response.

  2. Roger Chuyan says:

    Where do I go to see this movie. Give me a web site. Thanks Roger

    1. Earline says:

      Roger, I’m wondering did you finally get a copy of “Daytona Beach Weekend”! If you did, great! If you didn’t you can order it right now from http://www.videobeat.com. This company also offers other titles, like “Beach Ball”, “The Girls On The Beach”, “Winter A Go-Go”, “It’s A Bikini World”, “Wild Wild Winter”, and “A Swingin’ Summer”. I have all except the last title that I mentioned. They’re all great Summer Movies. I also don’t have “Daytona Beach Weekend” but that’s on my list of the next batch of three movies that I intend to purchase. Have a good time, if you buy the movie, or any of the others.

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