Don’t Make Waves (1967)

Don't make waves (1967)

Don’t Make Waves (released 20 June 1967)

Filmways / MGM

Producers: Martin Ransohoff (The Fearless Vampire Killers 1967); John Calley (Catch-22)
Director: Alexander Mackendrick (1912 – 1993, The Ladykillers 1953)
Writers: George Kirgo (1926 – 2004, Spinout 1966); Maurice Richlin (1920 – 1990, The Pink Panther 1963, Come September 1963); Ira Wallach (novel)

Girls: Claudia Cardinale (Laura Califatti), Sharon Tate (Malibu), Joanna Barnes (Diane Prescott), Ann Elder (Millie Gunder), Julie Payne (Helen), Holly Haze (Myrna); uncredited: China Lee, Ann Reece, Candy Ward, Haji LaMee

Boys: David Draper (Harry Hollard), Chester Yorton (Ted Gunder)

Surfers (uncredited): John Boyer, Johnny Fain, Bunny Fuchs, Duane King, Michael Nader, Mike Townsend

Olds: Tony Curtis (1925 – 2010, Carlo Cofield), Robert Webber (1924 – 89, Rod Prescott), Mort Sahl (b. 1927), Sarah Selby (1905 – 80), Dub Taylor (1907 – 94), Edgar Bergen (1903 – 78), Henny (1911 – 2004) and Jim (1913 – 89) Backus (as themselves).

Music: The Sundowners

Don't Make Waves color lobby still

Variety Review

Don’t Make Waves is a mildly amusing film which never gets off the ground in its intended purpose of wacky comedy. Based on Ira Wallach’s novel, Muscle Beach, film stars Tony Curtis and Claudia Cardinale.

Script has a Southern California setting, mixing romance, infidelity, beach antics and sky diving with utter confusion as Curtis plays a frantic young man and Cardinale a peppery import with an accent.

Plot(?) gets underway as femme’s car causes Curtis’ Volkswagen to plunge down a hillside and burn, during which Curtis’ pants and all his worldly possessions also go up in flames. Driving home with femme to look at her insurance policy, Curtis finds himself involved in her romance with a swimming pool operator, cheating on his wife.