It’s A Bikini World (1967)

It's A Bikini World 1967 LC poster

It’s a Bikini World (shot 1965, 14 April 1967)
aka The Girl in Daddy’s Bikini
Trans American Films / American International Pictures

Producer: Charles S. Swartz
Director: Stephanie Rothman
Writers: Charles S. Swartz, Stephanie Rothman

Girls: Deborah Walley (Deliliah Dawes), Suzie Kaye (Pebbles), Pat McGee (Cindy), Lori Williams (girl)

Boys: Tommy Kirk (Mike Samson/Herbert Samson), Bob Pickett* (Woody), Jim Begg (boy)

*Bobby “Boris” Pickett – The Monster Mash

Olds: Jack Bernardi (Harvey Pulp), William O’Connell (McSnigg), Sid Haig (Daddy)

Music: The Animals, The Toys, The Gentrys, The Castaways, Pat and Lolly Vegas

It's A Bikini World bw stills group


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