Where The Boys Are (1960)

WHERE THE BOYS ARE Movie POSTER 11x17 George Hamilton Jim Hutton Yvette Mimieux

Where The Boys Are (released 28-12-1960)
Euterpe / MGM

producer: Joe Pasternak
director: Henry Levin (1909 – 1980) Come Fly With Me, Murderers’ Row, The Ambushers
Writer: George Wells (1909 – 2000) Penelope
Novel: Glendon Swathout (1918 – 1992) The Shootist

Girls: Dolores Hart (Merritt Andrews), Yvette Mimieux (Melanie Tolman), Paula Prentiss (Tuggle Carpenter), Connie Francis (Angie), Barbara Nichols (Lola Fandango)

Uncredited: Carol Byron

Boys: George Hamilton (Ryder Smith), Rory Harrity (Franklin), Jim Hutton (TV Thompson), Frank Gorshin (Basil), John Brennan (Dill)

Uncredited: Sean Flynn (man in blue Xavier University sweathshirt)

Olds: Chill Wills (police captain)

Music: Connie Francis


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