Wild Wild Winter (1966)

Vintage 1966 Wild Wild Winter Gary Clarke Musical Ski Bunny 1sh Movie Poster

Wild Wild Winter (5 January 1966)

Producer: Bart Patton (Beach Ball, Out of Sight)
Director: Lennie Weinrib (Beach Ball, Out of Sight)
Writer: David Malcolm (aka Sam Locke – (The Girls on the Beach, Beach Ball)

Girls: Chris Noel, Suzie Kaye, Vicki Albright, Anna Lavelle, Linda Rogers

Boys: Gary Clarke, Don Edmonds, Steve Rogers, Les Brown Jr, Steve Franken

Olds: James Wellman, Dick Miller

Music: Astronauts, Beau Brummels, Dick and Dee Dee, Jay and the Americans, Jackie and Gayle Caldwell

Wild, wild winter LP


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