American International Pictures

AIP_LOGO_1962American International Pictures (1955-1979)
Samuel Z. Arkoff (1918–2001)
James H. Nicholson (1916–1972)

Beach Party (7-Aug-1963)
Muscle Beach Party (25 Mar 1964)
Bikini Beach (22-Jul-1964)
Pajama Party (11 Nov 1964)
Beach Blanket Bingo (14-Apr-1965)
Ski Party (30-Jun-1965)
How to Stuff a Wild Bikini (14-Jul-1965)
Sergeant Deadhead (18-Aug-1965)
Dr. Goldfoot and the Bikini Machine (6-Nov-1965)
The Ghost in the Invisible Bikini (6-Apr-1966)
Fireball 500 (07-Jun-1966)
The Wild Angels (20-Jul-1966)
Thunder Alley (22-Mar-1967)
Devil’s Angels (1-Apr-1967)
It’s a Bikini World (Trans American / AIP 19-Apr-1967)
The Million Eyes of Su-Muru (17-May-1967)
The Trip (23-Aug-1967)
The Glory Stompers (22-Nov-1967)
Wild in the Streets (29-May-1968)
The Dunwich Horror (14-Jan-1970)

Samuel Z. Arkoff

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