Pajama Party (1964)

Pajama Party 1964 poster 01

Pajama Party (AIP 11 Nov 1964)

Director: Don Weis (1920 – 2000, The Ghost in the Invisible Bikini)
Writer: Louis M. Heyward (1920 – 2002, Sergeant Dead Head, Dr Goldfoot, The Ghost in the Invisible Bikini)

Girls: Annette Funicello (Connie), Donna Loren (Vikki), Susan Hart (Jilda), Bobbi Shaw (Helga), Cheryl Sweeten (Francine), Luree Holmes (Perfume Girl), Candy Johnson (Candy)

Pajama Girls: Joan Neel, Patricia O’Reilly, Marion Kildany, Linda Opie (aka Bent), Mary HughesPatti Chandler, Laura Nicholson, Linda Benson, Carey Foster, Stacy Maxwell (aka Gregg), Teri Hope (aka Garr), Margo Mehling, Diane Bond, Keva Page, Toni Basil, Kay Sutton, Connie Ducharme, Joyce Nizzari (Playboy), Leslie Wenner, Salli Sachse (uncredited)

Boys: Tommy Kirk (Go Go),  Jody McCrea (Big Lunk), Frankie Avalon (Socum)

Pajama Boys: Ray Atkinson, Frank Alesia, Ned Wynn, Ronnie Rondell Jr, Howard Curtis, Johnny Fain, Mike Nader, Rick Newton, Guy Hemric, Ed Garner, Frank Montifiore, Ronnie David, Gus Trikonis, Bob Pane, Roger Bacon, Ronnie Dayton

Ratz: Harvey Lembeck (Eric Von Zipper), Andy Romano (J.D.), Jerry Brutsche, Allen Fife, Bob Harvey, John Macchia, Alberta Nelson, Linda Rogers (Rat Pack)

Olds: Don Rickles (Big Bang), Elsa Lanchester (Aunt Wendy), Jesse White (J. Sinister Hulk), Ben Lessy (Fleegle), Buster Keaton (Chief Rotten Eagle), Dorothy Lamour (Head Sales Lady), Renie Riano (Maid)

Music: Nooney Rickett IV, David Winters choreography


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