Beach Party Gang

Sergeant Deadhead the Astronut (released 18 Aug 1965)

Final appearance by Buster Keaton (died 1 Feb 1966) in AIP film
Final appearance by John Ashley in an AIP film

Dr. Goldfoot and the Bikini Machine (6 Nov 1965)

Final screen credit for Marianne Gaba and Laura Nicholson
Final appearance by Dwayne Hickman in an AIP film

Fireball 500 (7 Jun 1966)

Final screen credit for Linda Bent, Jo Collins, Ed Garner, Sue Hamilton
Final appearance by Harvey Lembeck in an AIP feature
Final credit for William Asher on an AIP feature

Thunder Alley (23 Mar 1967)

Final screen credit for Mary Hughes
Final appearance by Annette Funicello in an AIP feature

The Million Eyes of Sumuru (17 May 1967)

Final film credit for Patti Chandler