Beach Party (1963)

Beach Party (USA, 1963) - 01

Beach Party
Released 7 August 1963
Written by Lou Rusoff
Directed by William Asher

Annette Funicello (Dolores), Meredith MacRae, Valora Noland (Rhonda), Delores Wells (Sue), Eva Six (Ava), Candy Johnson, Lorie Summers, Luree Nicholson, Laura Nicholson, Sharon Garrett (yoga girl uncredited), Yvette Vickers (yoga girl uncredited), Marlo Baers, Laura Lynn

Frankie Avalon, John Ashley (Ken), Jody McCrea (Deadhead), Mickey Dora, Mike Nader, Bobby Payne (Tom), Duane Ament (Big Boy uncredited), Brent Battin, Roger Christian, Bill Parker, Bill Slosky, Gary Usher (uncredited)

Pam Colbert, John Fain, Eddy Garner, Donna Russell, Susan Yardley (uncredited)

Harvey Lembeck (Eric Von Zipper), Andy Romano (J.D.), Jerry Brutsche, Bob Harvey, John Macchia, Alberta Nelson (Mice), Linda Rogers (Mice)

Bob Cummings (Professor Sutwell), Dorothy Malone (Marianne), Morey Amsterdam (Cappy), Vincent Price (Big Daddy), Roger Bacon (tour guide)

Dick Dale and his Del-Tones

Beach Party (Gary Usher & Roger Christian)
Frankie and Annette

Swingin’ and a-Surfin’ (Usher/Christian)
Dick Dale and the Del-Tones

Secret Surfin’ Spot (Usher/Christian)
Dick Dale and the Del-Tones

Promise Me Anything (Give Me Love) (Guy Hemric & Jerry Styner)
Annette Funicello

Treat Him Nicely (Hemric/Styner)
Annette Funicello

Don’t Stop Now (Bob Marcucci & Russ Faith)
Frankie Avalon

Beach location is about 830 yards east of the intersection where Malibu Rd. splits off from the Pacific Coast Highway, between Point Dune and Malibu Bluffs Park. (


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