Ski Party (1965)

Ski Party 1965 poster

Ski Party (AIP 30-Jun-1965)

Producer: Gene Corman (Beach Ball – brother of Roger Corman)
Director: Alan Rafkin (TV)
Writer: Robert Kaufman (Dr Goldfoot, The Cool Ones)

Girls: Deborah Walley (Linda Hughes), Yvonne Craig (Barbara Norris) Bobbi Shaw (Nita Elksberg), Patti Chandler (Janet), Salli Sachse (Indian), Mikki Jamison (Mikki), Mary Hughes (Mary), Luree Holmes (Luree), Lesley Gore (herself); uncredited: Annette Funicello (Professor Sonya Roberts), Jo Collins, Nan Morris (blonde bombshell – see also The Girls on the Beach)

Boys: Frankie Avalon (Todd Armstrong), Dwayne Hickman (Craig Gamble), Aron Kincaid (Freddie Carter), Steve Rogers (Gene), John Boyer (John), Mickey Dora (Mickey), Bill Sampson (Arthur); uncredited: Ed Garner, Marvin Hamlisch

Olds: Robert Q. Lewis (Mr Pevney), Dick Miller (uncredited: taxi driver)

Music: The Hondells, Lesley Gore, James Brown & the Flames



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