Tab Hunter 1931 – 2018

Tab Hunter (11 July 1931 – 9 July 2018) “Hunter hid his relationships with championship skater Ronnie Robertson and actor Tony Perkins; publicly, he was romantically linked to co-star Natalie Wood and French actress Etchika Choreau.” LA Times.

Fabares and Forte

Shelley Fabares and Fabian Forte, co-stars of Ride The Wild Surf (1964). Surfboard by Phil Sauers of Downey, California.

Fabares by the bay

“In Hawaii there’s a place known as Waimea Bay/ Where the best surfers in the world come to stay.”

Dreamie Jeannie

Barbara Eden: born Barbara Jean Morehead, 23 August 1931, Tucson Arizona, Barbara Jean Huffman from 1945, Barbara Eden from 1956. First credit: West Point (TV 1956) ‘Decision’ – Toni DeWitt. Appeared with Elvis Presley in Flaming Star (1960) Roslyn Pierce; Red-haired tomboy in Ride the Wild Surf (1964); Forever famous as Jeannie in I Dream…

Dawn Shelley, Barbara and Lori

Ride The Wild Surf (1964) co-star Shelley Fabares, Dawn Wells off Gilligan’s Island and Hot Rod Girl (1956) Lori Nelson congratulate Barbara Eden at her baby shower.

Personally signed by Tab Hunter

Tab Hunter Confidential, a terrific new documentary … is unlike any other ever told about Hollywood’s Golden Age. Why? Because it is the first from the perspective of a major movie star who lived through it as a closeted gay man but is now open about his sexuality. … What made Tab Hunter who has…

Chase Colton Riding The Wild Surf

Peter Brown, who starred as the eager young deputy Johnny McKay on the 1958-62 ABC series Lawman, has died. He was 80. … “The role came naturally to me,” he once said. “My character was not a big stretch; he was a pretty nice kid who was adept at what he did and was eager…

Swag the Aussie Surfer

Murray Rose, ‘Swag’ in Ride The Wild Surf (1964). “Nearly 50 years after the event, the exclusion of champion Australian swimmer Murray Rose from the 1964 Tokyo Olympics continues to polarise opinions in the swimming world. Rose had won three gold medals at the 1956 Melbourne Olympic Games and a fourth in Rome in 1960….

Chase Colton postcard

Peter Brown, who played Deputy Johnny McKay on 1960s TV Western “Lawman,” died March 21 in Phoenix, Arizona. He was 80. Brown also guested on a number of other TV Westerns, including “Maverick,” “Cheyenne” and “The Virginian.” On the big screen during the period he appeared in Disney’s Hayley Mills musical “Summer Magic” (1963), surfing…

Wild Surfer Boy

Peter Brown (October 5, 1935 – March 21, 2016) in Ride The Wild Surf (1964). “Chase Colton is a preppy, college boy from a wealthy family who tends to be cautious and uptight. He meets his match in Augie Pool (Barbara Eden) who makes it her mission to loosen him up. When he sees her…

Beefcake Jody Wallis shaving

Fabian Forte in Ride The Wild Surf (1964). “Fabian’s early films rocketed him to stardom. He made his screen debut in 1959 in “Hound Dog Man”, directed by Don Segal. He traveled iout of the country to make “Five Weeks In A Balloon” and “The Longest Day”. He worked with two of our great screen…

Augie Pool in Hawaii

Barbara Eden: born Barbara Jean Morehead, 23 August 1931, Tucson Arizona. On screen from 1956 at age 22, played tomboy Augie Poole in Ride the Wild Surf (1964), finally hit the big time on the small screen in 1965 on I Dream of Jeannie (TV 1965-70). In 2011: ‘Ten years have passed since the lowest…

Pete Brown

Pete Brown: born Peter Lynn deLapp, 5 October 1935, New York, USA. First credit: Darby’s Rangers (1958) Rollo Burns … Summer Magic (1963) Tom Hamilton *with Deborah Walley, James Stacy Ride the Wild Surf (1964) Chase Colton Kitten with A Whip (1964) Ron *with Ann-Margret … Act of Vengeance (174) Jack *with Lada Edmund Jr…

Fabian in 1961

Ray Charles, Fabian, Gloria Lynne, Shep & the Limelights, The Dorells and the Raelets – stars of the ‘Show of Stars’ 1961.

Shelley and Fabian in Hawaii

Shelley Fabares and Fabian Forte, co-stars of Ride The Wild Surf (1964). Surfboard by Phil Sauers of Downey, California.

Barechested Fabian shaving

Ride The Wild Surf (1964): Fabian plays Californian surfer ‘Jody Wallis’. Real surfing rebel Mickey Dora doubled for Fabian in the genuine surfing scenes.

Fabian in ‘Ride The Wild Surf’ (1964)

Ride The Wild Surf (1964): Italo-American New Yorker rocker Fabian Forte, a little unconvincing as a Californian surfer proving himself on the big waves of Hawaii.

Susan Hart dances in ‘Ride The Wild Surf’ (1964)

Ride The Wild Surf (1964) starring Fabian (born 1943), a blonde Shelley Fabares (b.1944), Tab Hunter (b.1931), a brunette Barbara Eden (b.1931), Peter Brown (b.1935), Anthony Hayes (b.1936), Susan Hart (b.1941) and James Mitchum (b.1941).

Murray Rose – Surf Movie Actor and Olympic Gold Medallist

Murray Rose, wins the gold medal for the 400 metres freestyle in the Rome Olympics, 1 September 1960. Australian Olympic officials refused to select Rose for the 1964 Tokyo Olympics because he had missed the Australian Swimming Championships while filming Ride The Wild Surf (1964). He plays Australian surfer ‘Swag’ and has one line of…

Fabian and Pete Brown in ‘Ride the Wild Surf’

East coast Italo-American singer Fabian, pretending to be a Californian surfer on holidays in Hawaii, alongside co-star Pete Brown in Ride The Wild Surf (1964). On eBay and elsewhere online, this photo is frequently miscaptioned as Fabian and co-star Tab Hunter.

Ride the Wild Surf (1964) Susan Hart & Tab Hunter

Susan Hart, at the beginning of her short acting career, and Tab Hunter, just starting his decline:  Ride The Wild Surf (1964) marked his last successful major role, before sliding into cameos, spaghetti westerns and straight to video movies, before resurging as a producer and writer.

Tab Hunter

Tab Hunter: born Arthur Andrew Kelm, 11 July 1931, New York City New York. First credit: The Dividing Line (1950) Frank O’Brien Operation Bikini (1963) Lt. Morgan Hayes (with Frankie Avalon and Eva Six) Ride the Wild Surf (1964) Steamer Lane

Barbara Eden

Barbara Eden: born Barbara Jean Morehead, 23 August 1931, Tucson Arizona, Barbara Jean Huffman from 1945, Barbara Eden from 1956. First credit: West Point (TV 1956) ‘Decision’ – Toni DeWitt … Flaming Star (1960) Roslyn Pierce … Ride the Wild Surf (Columbia 5-Aug-1964) … I Dream of Jeannie (TV 1965-1970 – 139 episodes) Jeannie ……


Above: Fabian and Peter Brown in Wild the Ride Surf Fabian (born Fabiano Anthony Forte, 6 February 1943, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania). In November 1965, he signed a seven-picture deal with American International Pictures. First acting credit: Hound-Dog Man (20th Century Fox Nov-1959) Clint McKinney … Ride the Wild Surf (1964) Jody Wallis … Fireball 500 (AIP…

Susan Hart

Susan Hart (born Susan Neidhart, 2 June 1941 Wenatchee, Washington. Married to James H. Nicholson, August 1964 – December 1972 – his death – 1 child, Jim; stepmother to Luree Holmes and Laura Nicholson) For Those Who Think Young (1 Jun 1964) college girl Ride The Wild Surf (5 Aug 1964) Lily Kilua Pajama Party…

Shelley Fabares

Shelley Fabares: born Michele Marie Fabares January 19, 1944 Santa Monica, California. Ride The Wild Surf (5-Aug-1964) Brie Matthews Girl Happy (14-Apr-1965) Valerie Hold On! (22-Jun-1966) Louisa Page Spinout (17-Oct-66) 1966) Cynthia Foxhugh Clambake (4-Dec-1967) Diane Carter