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The Mini-Skirt Mob 1968

The Mini-Skirt Mob (released 3 May 1968 American International Pictures); director: Maury Dexter, writer: James Gordon White; girls: Diane McBain, Sherry Jackson, Patty McCormack, Barbro Hedström, Jackie Rohr; boys: Jeremy Slate, Ross Hagen, Harry Dean Stanton, Ronnie Rondell Jr.

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Maryjane 1968

Maryjane (released 13 March 1968 American International Pictures), director: Maury Dexter, writer: Maury Dexter (story), Dick Gautier, Peter Marshall; girls: Diane McBain, Patty McCormack, Linda Cooper, Teri Garr,  Jo Ann Harris, Dodie Warren; boys: Fabian, Kevin Coughlin (1946-76), Gary Marshall, … Continue reading

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Maury Dexter

Maury Dexter: born 12 June 1928, Paris Arkansas USA. Directing credits include: Surf Party (1964), Wild On The Beach (1965), Maryjane (1968), The Mini-Skirt Mob (1968), The Young Animals (1968), Hell’s Belles (1969).

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Jeremy Slate 1926 – 2006

Chris Noel and Jeremy Slate promoting The Lieutenant (TV 1963). Jeremy Slate born 17 February 1926 Atlantic City New Jersey; died 19 November 2006, Los Angeles California. Selected credits: G.I. Blues (1960), Girls! Girls! Girls! (1962), I’ll Take Sweden (1965), … Continue reading

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The Roughest Ride In Town!

HELL’S BELLES (29 April 1969) Directed by Maury Dexter (Surf Party, Wild On The Beach); written by James Gordon White (The Glory Stompers) and Robert McMullen; cinematographer, Ken Peach; produced by Mr. Dexter; released by American International Pictures. Running time: … Continue reading

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Charles Arthur Floyd had none of the minor vices!

A Bullet for Pretty Boy (15 July 1970) American International Pictures Director: Larry Buchanan (Mars Needs Women 1967) Writers: Enrique Touceda, Henry Rosenbaum Music: Harley Hatcher (The Wild Angels 1966) Starring: Fabian Forte, Jocelyn Lane, Astrid Warner and Adam Roarke … Continue reading

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Everybody’s girl next door

Astrid Warner in A Bullet For Pretty Boy (1970). “Both Miss Lane and Miss Warner are very lovely. Miss. Warner especially, who plays the tragic wife in the manner of the girl next door, ought to be everybody’s girl next … Continue reading

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Two On A Triumph

Jocelyn Lane and Jeremy Slate in Hell’s Belles (1969). “THAT minuscule subdivision of our youth, the mobile mobsters who reportedly dote as much on mayhem as they do on roaring motorcycles, get ample opportunity to display inane, destructive madness in … Continue reading

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Jeremy and Jocelyn

Veteran US actor Jeremy Slate (1926 – 2006) and British pinup and actress Jocelyn Lane (born 1936) in American International Pictures‘ violent biker movie Hell’s Belles (1969). Lane was Elvis Presley’s leading lady in the dude ranch – desert comedy … Continue reading

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Dennis and Chris

Dennis Hopper and Chris Noel in The Glory Stompers (1968).

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