Come Fly With Me (1963)

Come Fly with Me (1963): directed by Henry Levin (Where The Boys Are); starring Dolores Hart (born 1938), Pamela Tiffin (born 1942), Lois Nettleton (1927 – 2008), Dawn Addams (1930 – 1985), Hugh O’Brien (1925 – 2016), Karlheinz Böhm (1928 – 2014), and Karl Malden (1912 – 2009).

Bergie, Carol and Donna

Lois Nettleton (1927 – 2008), Pamela Tiffin (born 1942) and Dolores Hart (born 1938) as flight attendents Hilda ‘Bergie’ Bergstron, Carol Brewster and Donna Stuart in Come Fly With Me (1963).

A Toast To Tiffin

An interview with Pamela Tiffin by syndicated columnist John Springer, circa 1966 (published online by A Toast To Tiffin): If someone in England asks you to tiffin, they are asking you to high tea. In America, however, Tiffin is a person – and a very personable person too. Born in Oklahoma, Pamela started modeling at…

Dolores Hart

Dolores Hart: born Dolores Hicks, 20 October 1938 Chicago Illinois, daughter of actor Bert Hicks. 10 films in Hollywood before retiring from acting to join a Roman Catholic convent: Loving You (1957) with Elvis Presley, Wild is the Wind (1957), Lonelyhearts (1958), King Creole (1958) with Elvis Presley, The Plunderers (1960), Where the Boys Are…

Pamela Tiffin

Pamela Tiffin (born Pamela Tiffin Wonso, 13 October 1942, Oklahoma City Oklahoma) Summer and Smoke (Hal Wallis 16-Nov-1961) Nellie Ewell One, Two, Three (15-Dec-1961) Scarlett Hazeltine State Fair (9-Mar-1962) Margy Frake Come Fly with Me (MGM 27-Mar-1963) Carol Brewster For Those Who Think Young (United Artists 3 Jun 1964) The Lively Set (24-Oct-1964) The Pleasure…