For Those Who Think Young (1964)

For Those Who Think Young poster XL

For Those Who Think Young (3 June 1964)
Aubrey Schenck Productions / United Artists

Director: Leslie H. Martinson (born 1915 – Fathom)
Writers: James O’Hanlon (1910-1969), George O’Hanlon (1912-1989 – I Sailed To Tahiti With An All Girl Crew), Dan Beaumont

Girls: Pamela Tiffin (Sandy Palmer), Tina Louise (Topaz McQueen), Nancy Sinatra (Karen Cross), Claudia Martin (Sue Lewis)

College Girls: Edie Baskin, Laurie Burton, Pam Colbert, Lada Edmund, Marie Edmind, Linda Feldman, Laura Hale, Susan Hart, Jan March, Maureen O’Hanlon, Leslie Perkins, Donna Russell, Marie White

Uncredited: Maria de Aragon (dancer), Amadee Chabot (beach girl), Christine Williams (girl with broken leg)

Boys: James Darren (Gardner ‘Ding’ Pruitt III), Bob Denver (Kelp),

College Boys: John Christopher, Mickey Dora, Byron Garner, Mike Nader, Don Voyne, Gordon Wescourt, Larry Weston

Olds: Paul Lynde (Sid Hoyt), Ellyn McRae (aka Burstyn – Dr Pauline Swenson), Woody Woodbury (Woody), Sheila Bromley (Mrs Harkness), Sammee Tong (Clyde), Robert Middleton (Burford Sanford Cronin), Anna Lee (Laura Pruitt), Louis Quinn (Gus Kestler)

Pamela Tiffin and James Darren in For Those Who Think Young 1964

Sparkling Fun Movie at Highland for Young Thinkers

Youth serves and is served in “For Those Who Think Young”, now playing at the Highland Theatre, through United Artists release. The teen-filled, tune-filled comedy stars James Darren and Pamela Tiffin, and co-stars Paul Lynde, Tina Louise, Bob Denver, Robert Middleton, Ellen McRae and introduces comedian Woody Woodbury. Two other co-stars of “For Those Who Think Young” have names with a familiar Ring-a-Ding… Nancy Sinatra and Claudia Martin. Although the girls are making their film debuts, their fathers have been around for a few years—thinking young. Their names are Frank and Dean, and they sing. Perhaps older audiences will remember them! Filmed in Hollywood on location near Malibu Beach and at Occidental College in Los Angeles, “For Those Who Think Young” is the first United Artists release to be made in Technicolor’s new wide-screen process, Techniscope.

“For Those Who Think Young” was produced by Hugh Benson, top TV executive who “discovered” many now famous young performers. Leslie Martinson, who previously directed “PT109,” also directed “For Those Who Think Young.” James and George O’Hanlon and Dan Beaumont wrote the screenplay from a story by Beaumont, and the film’s music masters were Mack David, Jerry Livingston, and Jerry Fielding. Although most Hollywood sets are generally “closed” to the public, producer Hugh Benson released a figure of 6,774 visitors who watched the filming of his movie. Benson declared an “open set” and VIPs in Hollywood (and other cities) sent their clients and friends there to watch the cast cavort. The most expensive single prop used in the making of this movie was a magnificent Buick Rivera that was custom-made at a coat of over $18,000.


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