The Cool Ones (1967)

Cool Ones 1967 poster photo

The Cool Ones (released 12 April 1967)

Executive Producer: William Conrad (1920 – 1993) as an actor: Cannon

Director: Gene Nelson (1920 – 96); dancer / actor 1937 – 87; previous directing credits include Harum Scarum, Kissin’ Cousins

Writer: Joyce Geller (born 1943): USC graduate and winner of the Sam L. Warner award: a six-month internship duuring which she wrote the screenplay for The Cool Ones; original title: “The Wiggy Plan of Tony Krum.”

Writer: Robert Kaufman (1931 – 91) – adaptation; previous credits include Ski Party, Dr Goldfoot and the Bikini Machine

Girls: Debbie Watson (Hallie Rogers), Melanie Alxander (Sandy), Nita Talbot (Dee Dee Howitzer)

Uncredited: Teri Garr (Hallie’s friend), Angelique Pettyjohn (secretary), Annette Ferra – aka Chris Gilmore

Boys: Gil Peterson (Cliff Donner), Roddy McDowell (Tony Krum), Jim Begg (Charlie Forbes), Bill Blackburn (dancer – uncredited)

Olds: Phil Harris (MacElwaine), Robert Coote (Stanley Krum), George Furth (Howie), James Millhollin (Henry – Hotel Manager), Phil Arnold  (Stage Manager)

Music: Glen Campbell (Patrick), Mrs Miller, The Bantams, The Leaves, TJ & The Fourmations, The Forté Four

Cool Ones 1967 still outside dancing

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