For Singles Only (1968)

for singles only color

For Singles Only (5 June 1968)
Four-Leaf (Sam Katzman) / Columbia

Director: Arthur Dreifuss (1908 – 93) Riot on Sunset Strip (AIP 1967), The Love-Ins (1967), A Time To Sing (1968), The Young Runaways (1968)

Screenplay: Arthur Dreifuss and Hal Collins (1920 – 80) The Love-Ins
Story: Arthur Hoerl (1891-1961) Reefer Madness, and Albert Derr

Girls: Mary Ann Mobley, Lana Wood, Ann Elder, Chris Noel; uncredited: Norma Foster, Maria Korda, Leslie McRae, Dita Nicole, Angelique Pettyjohn

Boys: John Saxon, Mark Richman, Marty Ingels, Charles Robinson, Duke Hobbie

Olds: Hortense Petra, Milton Berle

Music:  Walter Wanderley Trio, Talya Ferro, Cal Tjader Band, The Lewis & Clarke Expedition, Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Sunshine Company

For Singles Only

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