The Young Runaways (1968)

The Young Runaways (11 September 1968)
Four Leaf Productions — MGM

Producer: Sam Katzman
Director: Arthur Dreifuss (1908 – 1993)
Writer: Orville H. Hampton (1917 – 1997)

Girls: Brooke Bundy (born 1944, Gidget’s Foreign Policy), Patty McCormack (born 1945, Maryjane, The Mini-Skirt Mob), Quentin Dean (1944 – 2003), Stacy Maxwell Born 1946 UK, Pajama Party), Cynthia Hull (born 1947)

Boys: Kevin Coughlin (1945 – 1976 — car accident, Maryjane, Wild in the Streets), Richard Dreyfuss (born 1947, Hello Down There), Ken Del Conte (born 1941), Lance LeGault (1935 – 2012, Kissing’ Cousins, The Swinger)

Olds: Lloyd Bochner (1924 – 2005), Dick Sargent (1930 – 1994), Hortense Petra, Lynn Bari (1913 – 1989), Norman Fell (1924 – 1998)

‘The Young Runaways’
The New York Times. Published: September 12, 1968

THERE is a lot of moralizing in “The Young Runaways.” It opened on at Loew’s Showcase theaters yesterday on a double bill. When two of the most attractive youngsters, played by Brooke Bundy and Kevin Coughlin, get a gleam in their eyes after a few nights of living together with apparent propriety, their talk turns to reasons why they should go home. Mature, even if a bit incredible.

The things that happen to young people when they leave their distressing parents and congregate in what they believe to be groovy metropolitan settings are sermons in themselves. A nice girl plays around with two rock ‘n’ roll lovers and is murdered. A draft-dodging boy steals a car and dies in a flaming crash. A girl gets slapped around for turning modest after going on a double date with a prostitute. This morality play does not get a personal grip on the tragedy of today’s runaways.