Elvis Presley

  1. Love Me Tender (Twentieth Century Fox 15-Nov-1956) Clint Reno
  2. Loving You (Hal Wallis/Paramount 9-Jul-1957) Deke Rivers
  3. Jailhouse Rock (Avon/MGM 17-Oct-1957) Vince Everett
  4. King Creole (Hal Wallis/Paramount 2-Jul-1958) Danny Fisher
  5. G.I. Blues (Hal Wallis/Paramount 18-Aug-1960) Tulsa McLean
  6. Flaming Star (Twentieth Century Fox 20-Dec-1960) Pacer Burton
  7. Wild In The Country (The Co. of Artists/Twentieth Century Fox 15-Jun-1961) Glenn Tyler
  8. Blue Hawaii (Hal Wallis/Paramount 22-Nov 1961)
  9. Follow That Dream (Mirisch/UA 11-Apr-1962)
  10. Kid Galahad (Mirisch/UA 29-Aug-1962)
  11. Girls! Girls! Girls! ((Hal Wallis/Paramount 21-Nov-1962)
  12. It Happened At The World’s Fair (Ted Richmond/MGM 3-Apr-1963)
  13. Fun In Acapulco (Hal Wallis-Paramount 27-Nov-1963)
  14. Kissin’ Cousins (Four-Leaf/MGM 6-Mar-1964)
  15. Viva Las Vegas (Jack Cummings-George Sidney/MGM 20-May-1964)
  16. Roustabout (Hal Wallis-Paramount 11-Nov-1964)
  17. Girl Happy (Euterpe/MGM 14-Apr-1965)
  18. Tickle Me (Allied Artists 30-Jun 1965)
  19. Harum Scarum (Four-Leaf/MGM 15-Dec-1965)
  20. Frankie and Johnny (Edward Small/UA 31-Mar-1966)
  21. Paradise, Hawaiian Style (Hal Wallis/Paramount 23-Apr-1966)
  22. Spinout (Euterpe/MGM 14-Dec-1966)
  23. Double Trouble (MGM 5-Apr-1967)
  24. Easy Come, Easy Go (Paramount 14-Jun-1967)
  25. Clambake (Levy/UA 4-Dec-1967)
  26. Stay Away, Joe (MGM 8-Mar-1968)
  27. Speedway (MGM 12-Jun-1968)
  28. Live a Little, Love a Little (MGM 23-Oct-1968)
  29. Charro! (NBC/National General Pictures 13-Mar-1969)
  30. The Trouble With Girls (MGM 3-Sep-1969)
  31. Change of Habit (NBC/Universal 10-Nov-1969) Dr. John Carpenter

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