Harum Scarum (1965)

Harum Scarum_12

Harum Scarum (released 15-Dec-1965)

Director: Gene Nelson (1920 – 1996 – Kissin’ Cousins, The Cool Ones)
Writer: Gerald Drayson Adams (1900 – 1988 – Kissin’ Cousins)

Girls: Mary Ann Mobley (Princess Shalimar), Fran Jeffries (Aishah), Barbara Werle (Leilah), Brenda Benet (Emerald), Gail Gilmore (Sapphire), Wilda Taylor (Amethyst)

uncredited: Maja Stewart (princess), Suzanne Covington (Naja), Eileen Diamond (dancer)

Boys: Elvis Presley (Johnny Tyronne)

20214 - Harum Scarum



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