Kissin’ Cousins (1964)

Kissin' Cousins half-sheet poster

Kissin’ Cousins (released 6-Mar-1964)

*Twist Around the Clock, Hootenanny Hoot, When the boys Meet the girls, Harum Scarum, Hold On!, Riot on Sunset Strip, The Love-Ins, For Singles Only, The Young Runaways

Producer: Sam Katzman (1901 – 73) Get Yourself a College Girl
Director: Gene Nelson (1920 – 96) Hootenanny Hoot, Harum Scarum, The Cool Ones
Writer: Gerald Drayson Adams (1900 – 88) Harum Scarum

Girls: Pam Austin (Selena Tatum), Yvonne Craig (Azalea Tatum), Cynthia Pepper (WAC Midge), Beverly Powers (Trudy),

Uncredited: Maureen Reagan (Lorraine), Joan Staley (Jonesy), Lonni Lees (Minnie), Lynn Fields, Gail Hanley, Teri Garr, Dallas Johann (Hillbilly dancers)

Boys: Elvis Presley (Josh Morgan / Jodie Tatum), Tommy Farrell (Sgt Bailey)

Uncredited: Wayne Hartunian, Dallas Johann, Lance LeGault (Hillbilly dancers), Kent McCord

Olds: Glenda Farrell (Ma Tatum), Arthur O’Connell (Pappy Tatum), Jack Albertson (Cpt Salbo), Donald Woods (Gen. Donford), Hortense Petra (Dixie the photographer)

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