Live A Little, Love A Little (1968)

Live a Little, Love a Little 4449

Live a Little, Love a Little (released 23-Oct-1968)

Director: Norman Taurog (1899 – 1981; his final film credit after Speedway, Double Trouble, Spinout, Dr Goldfoot & the Bikini Machine, Sergeant Dead Head, Tickle Me, Palms Springs Weekend, Girls! Girls! Girls!, Blue Hawaii, G.I. Blues etc.)
Writer: Michael A. Hoey (Stay Away, Joe)
Writer: Dan Greenberg (adapted from his novel “Kiss My Firm But Pliant Lips”)

Girls: Michele Carey (Bernice), Celeste Yarnall (Ellen), Mary Grover (RKC&P receptionist), Merri Ashley (1st secretary), Phyllis Davis (2nd secretary), Ursula Menzel (perfume model), Susan Shute (model 1), Edie Baskin (model 2), Gabriele (model 3), Ginny Kaneen (model 4), Susan Henning (mermaid)

uncredited: Thordis Brandt (blonde), Veronica Ericson (woman 2), Brooke Mills (model in lobby), Gayle Rogers (party girl), Myrna Ross (female companion), Heidi Winston (model)

Boys: Elvis Presley (Greg Nolan), Dick Sargent (Harry), Eddie Hodges (delivery boy)

Olds: Rudy Vallee (Penlow), Sterling Holloway (milkman), Joan Shawlee (Robbie’s mother), Ann Doran (landlady)


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