Spinout (1966)

Poster - Spinout_01

Spinout (released USA 14-Dec-1966)
released in the UK as California Holiday

Writer: Theodore J. Flicker (1930 – 2014) The President’s Analyst (1967),
Writer: George Kirgo (1926 – 2004) Don’t Make Waves (1967)

Producer: Joe Pasternak (1901 – 1991) final credit: The Sweet Ride (1968); other credits: Penelope (1966), Made In Paris (1966), Girl Happy (1965), Where The Boys Are (1960)

Director: Norman Taurog (1899 – 1981) preceding credit Dr Goldfoot and His Bikini Machine (1965); subsequent credits: three Elvis movies: Double Trouble (1967), Speedway (1968) and Live A Little, Love A Little (1968).

Girls: Shelley Fabares (Cynthia Foxhugh), Diane McBain (Diana St. Clair), Deborah Walley (Les), Dodie Marshall (Susan)

Uncredited: Victoria Carroll (Award Beauty), Nancy Czar (Platinum Beauty), Inge Jaklyn (Brunette Beauty), Deanna Lund (Redhead Beauty), Joanne Medley (Blond Beauty), Virginia Wood (Blond Beauty #2)

Jean Marie Ingels (Go-Go Dancer), Thordis Brandt, Arlene Charles, Phyllis Davis, Judy Durell, Gay Gordon, Jeanmarie, Fredda Lee, Sheryl Ullman, Rita Wilson

Boys: Elvis Presley (Mike McCoy), Jack Mullaney (Curly), Jimmy Hawkins (Larry), Will Hutchins (Lt. Tracy Richards), Warren Berlinger (Philip Short), James McHale (Shorty Bloomquist), Christopher Riordan

Olds: Carl Betz (Howard Foxhugh), Cecil Kellaway (Bernard Ranley), Una Merkel
(Violet Ranley), Frederic Worlock (Blodgett), Dave Barry (Harry)

Poster - Spinout_14


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