Village of the Giants (1965)


Village of the Giants (20-Oct-1965)
Berkeley / Embassy / Joseph E. Levine

director: Bert I. Gordon (born 1922 – Earth vs the Spider etc)
writer: Alan Caillou (aka Alan Lyle-Smythe 1914 – 2006, Clarence the Cross-Eyed Lion 1965, Evel Knievel 1971)

Girls: Joy Harmon (b1940 – Merrie), Gail Gilmore (Elsa), Tisha Sterling (b1944 – Jean), Charla Doherty (Nancy), Toni Basil (Red), Debi Storm (b1958 – Cora), Vicki London (Georgette)

Boys: Tommy Kirk (Mike), Johnny Crawford (b1946 – Horsey), Beau Bridges (b1941 – Fred), Bob Random (b1943 – Rick) Tim Rooney (1947-2006 – Pete), Kevin O’Neal (b1945 – Harry), Ron Howard (Genius), Freddy Cannon (b. 1940 – singer), Mike Clifford (b. 1943 – singer), Hank Jones (b1940 – Chuck) Jim Begg (1938-2008 – Fatso),

Olds: Joe Turkel (Sheriff *The Shining), Rance Howard (Deputy)

Music: (Jack Nitschze) Beau Brummels

Village of the Giants" vintage 8x10" still photo Tommy Kirk Charla Doherty 1965

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