Chad and Chris

Chad Everett (1937 – 2012) and Chris Noel (born 1941), cast mates in Get Yourself A College Girl (1964).

Who is the man in the photo?

A familar face at dinner (looks like an awards ceremony) with Brenda Benet (1945 – 1982) of Beach Ball (1965). Who can identify him?

from a small town in Texas…

Jo Morrow migrated from a small town in Texas to Hollywood at an early age…she broke into the movies by the simple expedient of filling out a form and sending it to one of the major studios in Hollywood…her photograph attracted the attention of a casting director who arranged for a film test.. she was…

Charles Robinson (1932 – 2006)

Charles Robinson: born 13 April 1932, Orange New Jersey; died: 22 July 2006, Palm Springs California; on screen 1958 – 1987, including Take Her, She’s Mine (1963), Dear Brigitte (1965), For Singles Only (1968).

Duke Hobbie

Duke Hobbie: born 6 May 1942, Helena Georgia. On screen 1965 – 1971 including Winter A-Go-Go (1965) and For Singles Only (1968).

The Singing Seven

Paul Petersen (b. 1945), Bobby Crawford (b. 1944), Johnny Crawford (b. 1946), Lori Martin (1947-2010), Tim Considine (b. 1940), Roberta Shaw (b. 1943), Shelley Fabares (b. 1944) – 1963 TV Guide.

Why we like…

For Singles Only (1968): Leslie McRae, Duke Hobbie, Mary Ann Mobley.

Sandra Louise in 1967

Chris Noel: born Sandra Louise Noel, 2 July 1941; movie credits related to this website: Girl Happy (1965), Beach Ball (1965), Get Yourself A College Girl (1965), Wild Wild Winter (1966), The Glory Stompers (1968), For Singles Only (1968).  

Vicki Trickett

Vicki Trickett: born 2 September 1938, Kansas City Kansas; played Abby Stewart, friend and rival to Deborah Walley’s Gidget in Gidget Goes Hawaiian (1961).

A surfer-girl starlet

Of all the surfer-girl starlets, Patti Chandler got the biggest career push, but her career never rose above the B level, even though she was absorbed into the young-Hollywood scene. Sheila Weller, Vanity Fair October 2006

Gardner McKay 1932 – 2001

Gardner McKay (born 1932 New York New York; died 2001 Oahu, Hawaii); artist-turned-model-turned-actor-turned-writer; star of I Sailed To Tahiti With An All Girl Crew (1968) – his final acting credit — “My life is defined by what I’ve quit.”

That Funny Feeling (1965)

That Funny Feeling (1965) Sandra Dee, Bobby Darin and Donald O’Connor as Harvey Granson, co-starring Nita Talbot • Larry Storch • Leo G. Carroll. FOR doodleheaded drivel and inane tedium, “That Funny “Feeling” and “Fluffy” take the cake. This three-hour, Universal package of froth, weighing about a ton, opened yesterday at neighborhood theaters. It is…

1967 Feliz Ano Novo

KAREN JENSEN estrela do filme “Out of Sight” de Universal deseja aos nossos leitores Feliz Ano Novo (KAREN JENSEN, star of the Universal film “Out of Sight”, wishes our readers Happy New Year 1967).

AKA Tara Ashton

Darlene Lucht (1938 – 2011): three credits as Tara Ashton: Wendy and Me (TV 1965) – ‘Tea Leaves for Two’ with Connie Stevens Marriage on the Rocks (1965) with Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin Five Bloody Graves (1969) with husband Robert Dix Credited in Muscle Beach Party (1964) and Bikini Beach (1964), and supposedly appears…

Rhonda AKA Animal

Valora Noland — ‘Rhonda’ in Beach Party (1963) and ‘Animal’ in Muscle Beach Party (1964) — in a photo to promote the John Wayne western The War Wagon (1967).

Best always, B. A. Sassoon

Beverly Adams: married to celebrity hairdresser Vidal Sassoon (1928 – 2012) from Feb 1967 to Jan 1981.  

Waikiki and Little Joe

Doug McClure (1935 – 1996) – played ‘Waikiki’ in Gidget (1959) – and Michael Landon – played ‘Little Joe’ in Bonanza (TV 1959 – 1973).  

Shary Marshall 1935 – 2014

Shary Marshall: born Sharlayne Adell Williamson 29 March 1935, Monmouth Oregon; died Shari Santilli 31 May 2014, Laguna Hills California. Moving to Hollywood after winning a beauty contest, she had two TV credits in 1958 as ‘Shary Layne’, before appearing uncredited in Gidget (1959).

WOW What a figure!

Gidget Goes Hawaiian is outgrossing the first Gidget by 52% in its first 152 engagements! from Columbia!

Martin Milner 1931 – 2015

Martin Milner: born 28 December 1931, Detroit Michigan; died 6 September 2015, Carlsbad California. Select credits: Sex Kittens Go to College (1960), Gidget (TV 1965): S1E3 The Great Kahuna – ‘Kahuna’, Ski Fever (1966), Valley of the Dolls (1967), Adam 12 (TV 1968-75). 

Young Hollywood, 1964

Left to right: Connie Stevens, unidentified, Troy Donahue, Suzanne Pleshette (Donahue’s wife), Arte Johnson, unidentified, obscured, obscured, Jim Stacy (Stevens’ husband). Save

Gidget and husband

Screen Star Sandra Dee Dies at 62 By Marla Lehner | 02/20/2005.  Sandra Dee, the blonde teen queen who starred in Gidget and was once married to singer Bobby Darin, died Sunday at age 62. She passed away at 5:57 a.m. at the Los Robles Hospital & Medical Center in Thousand Oaks, Calif., nursing supervisor…