Catalina Caper (1967)

catalina caper poster original

Catalina Caper (26-Apr-1967)
Executive Productions / Crown International Pictures

Producers: Sherman H. Dryer, Jack Bartlett, Bond Blackman
Director: Lee Sholem
Writers: Clyde Ware (screenplay), Sam Pierce (original story)
Cinematography: Ted Mikels (Girl in Gold Boots)

Girls: Ulla Stromstedt (Katrina Corelli), Venita Wolf (Tina Moss), Bonnie Lomann (redhead), Britt Nilsson (brunette), Donna Russell* (blonde)

*Beach Party (1963), Surf Party (1964), For Those Who Think Young (1964)

Boys: Tommy Kirk (Don Pringle), Peter Duryea (Tad Duval), Jim Begg* (Larry), Michael Blodgett (Bob Draper), Brian Cutler, Lyle Waggoner (Angelo)

*It’s a Bikini World (1967), The Cool Ones (1967)

Olds: Sue Casey* (Ann Duval), Del Moore (Tad Duval), Robert Donner (Fingers O’Toole)

*The Beach Girls and the Monster (1965)

Music: Little Richard, Carol Connors, Cascades, Mary Wells (theme)

CATALINA CAPER, Original 1967 Dancing Bikini Babes, Beach Film Photo

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