The Lively Set (1964)

The Lively Set 1964

The Lively Set (24 October 1964) Universal Pictures
Directed by Jack Arnold (1916-92) – Creature from the Black Lagoon (1954), Hello Down There (1969); written by Mel Goldberg (1922-2015) – Hang ‘Em High (1968); produced by William Alland (1916-97) – Creature from the Black Lagoon (1954); music by Bobby Darin.

Girls: Pamela Tiffin, Joanie Sommers, Carole Wells
Boys: James Darren, Doug McClure (Gidget 1959), Peter Mann
Olds: Marilyn Maxwell, Russ Conway, Wink Martindale, Max Schumacher

Will James Darren finish college, or quit to go into business designing hot rods? Will he listen to the cautionary advice of his kindly old science teacher and install safeguards on his racing car, or will he recklessly go ahead and enter the big race anyway? Will Pamela Tiffin let him rush her blindly to the altar or wait, like a nice girl should? The answers are sure to please. He quits school—and then goes back. He risks his life in a test run—then takes his professor’s advice before the big race. His girl friend waits with becoming modesty—but they get married before the next semester. By the fadeout, everyone up there on the screen is positively beaming with joy. Before congratulating them on their acting ability, though, remember that they, unlike the helpless customers, were paid. The Lively Set (1964) EUGENE ARCHER, The New York Times. Published: October 15, 1964.