Easy Dodie

Dodie Marshall: born Rhoda Bailey Wolf 1934; on screen 1964-67, including Spinout (1966) and Easy Come Easy Go (1967). In 1991 claimed to have achieved a perfect score of 200 on a self-administered IQ test (LA Times); from 1977 to 2004 lived in the Hotel Del Flores, 409 North Crescent Drive Beverly Hills LA; in 2008 received $750,000 in a mediated settlement with Los Angeles County for medical expenses and damages resulting from a 2005 fall on a bus after the driver slammed the brakes.

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Rhoda Bailey Wolf

Dodie Marshall dancing with Elvis Presley in Spinout (1966)

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Spies in love

Troy Donahue (centre) and Valerie Allen (to the right of Troy) and others on set for the bikini spy caper Come Spy With Me (1967). Donahue and Allen married in Ireland after filming in October 1966, before the film was leased 18 January 1967 to virtually no interest. Allen last Donue, a drug addict and alcoholic, in April 1968 and divorced him in November of the same year.


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Lucienne, Dan and Katie

Bit players in Come Spy With Me (1967): French actress Lucienne Bridou (born 1943, in Hollywood 1964-68), minor actor Dan Ferrone (1937-99, on screen 1962-85), and teenager Katie Saylor (née Aldrich, born 1951).

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No chance with the bikini girl

Chance Gentry and Katie Aldrich together in a publicity photo for their only film credits – bikini spy caper Come Spy With Me (1967), starring Troy Donahue. Like Donahue (born Merle Johnson), Chance was a creation of infamous Hollywood agent Henry Willson (Rock Hudson and others). Katie Aldrich (born 1951) was the daughter of New York fashion designer Larry Aldrich. She married Lawrence Saylor Jr. in 1967, and returned to Hollywood as Katie Saylor 1973-77.


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Come Spy with Her!

Valerie Allen: formerly Paramount Pictures’ last contract player at twenty-three, eight years later in bikini spy caper Come Spy With Me (1967) where she met two-year husband Troy Donahue.


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Valerie Allen 1936 – 2013

Valerie Allen: born 10 February 1936, New York NY; died 18 June 2013 Woodland Hills CA. Daughter of Ziegfield Follies showgirl Valerie Raemer and talent agent Edgar Allen, on screen from 1957, including I Married a Monster from Outer Space (1958), an episode of 77 Sunset Strip (TV 1959) with Edd Byrnes, before appearing in the bikini spy caper Come Spy With Me (1967) where she met an already alcoholic Troy Donahue. They married in Ireland 21 October 1966, separated in April 1968 and divorced 16 November 1968. She retired from acting in 1967 to become a television executive (Valerie Allen named East Coast program coordinator for SelectaVision, RCA’s color TV playback system. She has been an executive director of Golden Jet Enterprises, associated with Charles K. Feldman Productions and is a former actress (Billboard July 18, 1970).

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Original Title Song of 20th Century Fox Motion Picture

Come Fly With Me (1967) original title song by Smokey Robinson and the Miracles.

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Lynette Winter

Lynette Winter: born Mary Lynette Winter 17 June 1946, Decatur Illinois. On screen 1958-70, married Charles Edward “Ted” Cessac (1945-2011) 18 June 1969 in Los Angeles, relocated to Abbeville Louisiana and co-founded the Abbey Players in 1976, co-founded the Bodwin Portable Theater Company in Cleveland with Carrie Bodenger (left by 1999), now living in Carmel Monterey, directing at the Carl Cherry Centre for the Arts and acting at the Pink Flamingo Theater.

Complete screen credits:

Highway Patrol (TV 1958)
The Real McCoys (TV 1960)
The Parent Trap (1961)
Gidget (TV 1965-66) 26 episodes
My Three Sons (TV 1967)
Family Affair (TV 1967)
Petticoat Junction (TV 1966-70) 7 episodes



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Stephen Mines

Stephen Mines: born 3 February 1939, Muskegon Michigan. On screen 1961-71, including two episodes of Gidget (TV) as Jeff a.k.a. Moondoggie. He retired from acting to start a woodworking business in Los Angeles. In 2005 he relocated to his home town of Muskegon.

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