Bobbi and Frankie


Bobbi Shaw and Frankie Avalon in Ski Party (1965).

I was with Bobbie Shaw Chance Studio for about 2 years from 1999 to 2001 and I can say that the classes were life changing for me as an actor and in my personal life. In fact I started booking regularly after her classes and I KNOW that it was because of what I learned from Bobbie that gave me the ground under my feet to pull in the work.

In (May/June?) 2000 I was in that evening class of about 25 when Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston stopped by. They were eating at the restaurant next door and Bobbie’s daughter passed them a note asking them to stop by after dinner so they did. They did a little improv with us and watched a couple scenes and shared with us about the business.

But yes Bobbie milks those visits far more than they really were and drops names like these people wear out the carpet coming in and out her doorway… People in the business have a dysfunctional need to be self-important and Bobbie is no different.


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One Response to Bobbi and Frankie

  1. elliotjames2 says:

    The hottest girl in the beach party series. Should have been cast in the Goldfoot movies.

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