Rhoda Bailey Wolf

Dodie Marshall dancing with Elvis Presley in Spinout (1966)

Dec 1934: born Rhoda Bailey Wolf, 22 December 1934, Philadelphia PA; baptised 10 May 1936, St James Lutheran; confirmed 11 May 1952, St Mark’s.

Jun 1955: Rhoda Wolf (student, age 20) of 1014 Haworth St Philadelphia, US passport 622486, passenger on French SS Ile de France departing New York 22 June 1955 for Southhampton UK; arrived UK 28 June 1955; departed UK 31 August 1955.

Jun 1956: Class of 1956: Bucknell University PA as Rhoda Bailey Wolf, majors in English and Art

Nov 1957: dating hotel heir Conrad “Nicky” Hilton

Apr 1958: the town’s newest click model, of the “curvy, outdoor type” is Dodie Marshall

Apr 1958: in the court of NY Press Photographers Ball queen, Dorothy Dolliver

Jun 1958: dating Sydney Chaplin (Charlie Chaplin’s son)

Oct 1958: elected “Miss Anti-Freeze

Oct 1958: divorced advertising executive Barry Marshall

Nov 1958: dating Count Juliano Ferrari

Apr 1959: dating Iranian prince Felix Aghayan

Jun 1959: dating Elvis Presley’s early manager Bob Neal

Mar 1960: dating wealthy industrialist Walter Troutman

Jul 1960: dating entrepreneur Sherman Fairchild

Aug 1960: stalked by a rejected TV producer

Nov 1960: dating Brian Sweeny, son of the Duchess of Argyll

Dec 1960: wants to join Young Democrats for Touch Football

Jan 1961: gives up $500 per week modeling fees for $45 per week in off-Broadway show Tiger Rag as “debutante / dazzler”

Mar 1961: driving Dr Ernest Wynder daffy

Aug 1961: dating Harry Gould Jr, son of the paper tycoon

Sep – Nov 1961: dating socialite Ogden Hammond Jr

Jun 1962: cast in the Broadway production of Oliver! as a “Londoner”

Jun 1963: dating Andy Williams’ musical director Colin Romoff

Aug 1963: learning Judo with pianist Roger Williams

Apr 1964: leaves Oliver! for a Rock Hudson movie.

Dec 1964: My Favourite Martin (TV) ‘Won’t You Come Home’ Imogene

Apr 1965: trysting at Hollywood Beachcombers with Joan Collins’ ex Maxwell Reed

Oct 1965: The Man From U.N.C.L.E. (TV) ‘Foxes and Hounds’ receptionist

Nov 1965: appears on Shindig! wth Len Barry, Glenn Campbell, Bobby Sherman

Jan 1966: My Brother The Angel (TV) ‘Hawaiian Caper’ Carol

Feb 1966: lands a role as a drummer in the next MGM Elvis Presley movie Spinout

Mar & Jun 1966: dines with Conrad Hilton at Hollywood Beachcombers

Jun 1966: appears in Youth Parade, “Rescue Operation For Tresses”

Aug 1966: appears in Youth Parade, “Spotting the Fun Fashions”

Oct 1966: The Rounders (TV) ‘Scavenger Hunt’ Maria

Oct 1966: appears at Long Beach Elks Club with make-up artist Don Cash Jr

Dec 1966: Spinout – Susan

Dec 1966: signs with Hal Wallis to appear with Elvis in Easy Come, Easy Go at Paramount

Jan 1967: dating Sy Bartlett

Feb 1967: dines with Hotel King C. Hilton at Tracton’s

May 1967: dances with Omar Sharif at The Daisy Club

Jun 1967: Easy Come, Easy Go – Jo Symington

Sep 1967: dating Roger Corman

Sep 1967: Cowboy In Africa (TV) ‘Kifaru’ Martha Sawyer

Apr 1969: supports E. Blaine Sorensen for School Board

1970: Los Angeles Blue Book (Social Register) as Mrs Arthur Arden Cameron Sr (Dodie Bailey Marshall PhD) at 409 N. Crescent BH (Hotel del Flores).

Mar 1990: Congratulated by Beverly Hills Mayor Maxwell Salter for achieving “World Records Highest IQ” on a self-administered IQ test (as Dr Dodie Marshall).

Sep 1995: reads scripts to herself in her room at the Hotel del Flores, for past 18 years

Dec 2005: while a passenger on MTA bus on 19 December, falls and injures herself.

Feb 2008: Rhoda Bailey Wolf, Jr. aka Dodie Marshall, by and through her conservator Norine Boehmer, mediated settlement wth LA County MTA – $750,000.






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